Mkobo Mobile App: Where Busy Salary Earners Manage Money with Ease

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Mkobo Mobile App: Where Busy Salary Earners Manage Money with Ease

Ever been too busy to pay your bills? Have you ever felt stressed about not being able to do the basic things on time because of your busy work life? Has it ever confused you while you use multiple apps for paying your bills? If yes, we get you!

If you are a busy salary earner, we know that managing money can sometimes feel like a chore. Do you juggle work, family, and a busy social life?  Are you also looking for solutions where in you can do everything & still be at peace? Leveraging mobile apps on the go - can help!

The Mkobo Mobile App (IOS & Android) simplifies your financial life, letting you pay bills, recharge airtime, & transfer money on-the-go.

Save time & avoid late fees by downloading the Mkobo mobile banking app on IOS & Android, register in less than 5 minutes & you’re good to go!

Let’s elaborate on how you can handle your daily transactions effortlessly with Mkobo & make your life easy.

Mobile Airtime Top-up with mobile apps

Are you someone who’s always on your phone? Are you worried about running out of data & being stranded in the middle of a very important call?  Do you want a solution to top up your airtime easily & quickly? Don’t worry! Mkobo mobile app has got your back.

Instead of walking to your nearest vendor or using multiple apps which is painfully time-consuming:

• Open your Mkobo mobile app (IOS & Android) .

• Click on your service provider, enter the amount, and it's done within seconds.

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Recharge your Internet using a mobile app

Has your YouTube video ever got stuck in the middle while you’re watching a recipe & cooking? Or your data suddenly stop while you’re about to uncover the suspense on your Netflix series? Troublesome, isn’t it?

To keep surfing & streaming without interruption, recharge your internet data with Mkobo mobile app:

• Open your Mkobo App  (IOS & Android).

• Select your preferred data plan, & recharge instantly.

It’s fast, simple  & you won’t have to miss out on anything!


Renew your TV Subscription through a mobile app

Have you ever been in a hurry to watch the newest episode of your favorite series, catch the big football match, or just indulge in the latest reality TV shows? In the middle of all this, you realize that your TV subscription has expired! No Wahala! Whether it’s DSTV, GOTV, or Startimes, you can renew your subscription in seconds with the Mkobo App (IOS & Android) by selecting your provider & making the payment. You don’t even have to move from that couch, it’ll be done before you know it!

Avoid Blackouts

We all are aware that electricity can be quite unpredictable in Nigeria. It is even a common joke in Nigeria that you might be left in the dark just when you’re about to do something. Amidst all this chaos, you can still take care of your electricity efficiently.

How to do it?

  • Easily access your Mkobo Mobile app from your smartphone to pay your electricity bills.

  • Receive alerts for your upcoming due dates to avoid late fees & keep track of your bills.

  • Track your previous payments in the payment history to manage your expenses better.

  • Get in touch with Mkobo’s prompt customer service, if you get stuck somewhere.

Transfer money fast with mobile apps

Sending money to your friends & family will not take more than 3 minutes. If you want to send money to your brother who resides in a different city, you just have to open the Mkobo app, enter his bank details or select his Mtag (Unique ID chosen by Mkobo Users) if he has an account with Mkobo, enter the amount, and confirm. The money will reach your brother at lightning speed while you’re sitting in the comfort of your home or working.

Pay bills with a mobile app

Who likes those annoying late charges? No one! But often when you’re busy managing work & life, you miss the date & then you end up paying more than you were expected to. To dodge the last-minute rush & extra fees, you just need to log on to the Mkobo Mobile App on IOS & Android, pick the bills you need to pay, and follow the simple steps to make the payments & get the confirmation, & all this will not take more than 3 minutes!

Problems faced by busy salary earners in Nigeria:

  • Facing challenges in managing finances

  • Difficulty in finding time to pay bills.

  • Missed payments & unnecessary charges due to long working hours.

  • Availability of multiple apps causing confusion.

Solutions with Mkobo:

  • Make Mkobo mobile app your best financial companion.

  • Download the Mkobo Mobile App, onboard in 5 minutes.

  • Do your transactions in seconds.

  • Earn cashback & enjoy the benefits.

  • Be rest assured that your money is safe & well taken care of.

Join Mkobo App on IOS or Android today & transform the way you manage your money!