Boost Employee Satisfaction and Your Bottom Line with Mkobo's Earlypay Solution

Improve Your Bottom Line and Employee Satisfaction with's EarlyPay Solution

Boost Employee Satisfaction and Your Bottom Line with Mkobo's Earlypay Solution

Hey there! Want to boost your business?  Then you need to start by making your team happy! Yep, it’s that simple!  A happy workplace leads to a flourishing business. If you treat your employees well, dem go hustle well-well for you.

In the competitive business landscape of Nigeria, finding cutting-edge ways to manage finances, and boost employee satisfaction involves having systems in place that include satisfying employees which will contribute to the long-term success of your business.

Did you know about Mkobo’s Earlypay Solution? If not, then don’t stop reading because it’s a win-win deal! Earlypay is an effective tool tailored to make your life easier.

Financial stress can greatly impact employee performance and satisfaction. An unhappy employee leads to low productivity and an unhappy workplace.Happy Office Workers - Mkobo Bnak

Mkobo's EarlyPay Solution & Boosting Employee Satisfaction

Mkobo’s Earlypay has got you covered if you are an employer of labour looking to provide a healthy work environment for your customers. It eases all the stress by providing employees with the option to access their already earned and accrued wages before the regular payday with zero interest at a minimal withdrawal fee. This flexibility allows employees to manage unexpected expenses without the need to resort to payday loans which often come with high-interest rates which can be as high as 30% & the stress and social shaming often adopted by these lenders.

EarlyPay Earned Wage Access By Mkobo Bank

Benefits of Introducing Early Pay Within Your Organization

 Lifting Morale & Increasing Employee Productivity

It is very important to make your employees feel financially secure & supported. The minute they know that they don’t have to worry about their expenses, their productivity & hustle increases.

The ability to withdraw earned wages before payday when needed can lead to a positive work environment but also drives the company's output, directly benefiting the bottom line.

Cut Payroll Wahala

Imagine if the employer doesn’t have to manage advance salary requests manually? With Mkobo’s Earlypay you can streamline employee payroll, automate these advances & make sure they are managed efficiently. It will reduce the administrative burden which comes with managing advanced salary requests & will also lessen the workload of the HR.

Employee Retention (Hold your People well!)

If you keep your employees satisfied & happy, they stay longer. In a market like Nigeria, it’s not easy. The economic fluctuations can be challenging & they drain you. Mkobo’s Earlypay helps you in offering flexible financial solutions to your employees, providing them a financial safety net.

When you take care of your employees’ financial well-being, it creates a more stable & committed workforce which is very good for the growth of the company.

Make we Shine our Brand!

Every good company is sensitive to the needs of their employees & they care about it. When a company adopts innovative financial solutions such as Earlypay, they are highlighting their own company as a forward-thinking & employee-friendly organization.

When you are a good company & you look after the financial needs of your employees, it makes it easier to attract top talent which helps in maintaining growth of the company & in staying ahead of the game.

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Mkobo’s Earlypay is not just a financial tool, it's a key resource for businesses aiming to succeed in Nigeria's harsh economic environment. By improving the financial well-being for employees, enhancing workplace productivity, and simplifying payroll administration, it helps companies to improve their bottom line and employee satisfaction effectively.

 EarlyPay Testimonials

We are getting better with the service we provide as companies sign up their employee for EarlyPay, but don't just take our word for it. Here's what our customers are saying about their experience with Mkobo's Earlypay.

- Our staff productivity is off the charts!

"The introduction of this service has had significant impacts on the productivity of my employees. It has helped them to bridge the financial gap"

- W. Osemeka, HYT Consulting

- It has helped bridge financial gaps!

"The provisioning of this service has been satisfactory. The level of excitement has increased, which has resulted in increased productivity."

- I. Okunleye, Electronic Payplus Limited

- Optimised employees’ financial wellness!

“Providing this service to all the employees in my organization makes life and work easy. Our employees have been able to cope with financial emergencies and crisis because of it.”- T. Badejo, Electronic Payplus Limited