Save for the Unexpected: Smart Saving Tips with (Nigeria's High-Interest Digital Bank)  

Save for the Unexpected Mkobo App

Save for the Unexpected: Smart Saving Tips with (Nigeria's High-Interest Digital Bank)  

We have all heard time and again that ‘Saving’ is very important but it is not as easy as it sounds, you make a budget, split your income between different needs, but seldom does it happen that we meticulously follow our neatly curated plan. Soon enough you realize that you have maxed out your salary on unnecessary expenses while emergencies will never make an announcement; they just make an entrance!

Our whole month is moving unplanned & abruptly an unexpected event brings our life to a standstill. For example, an unexpected medical crisis in the family, a sudden death & the cost of burial, a mishap that needs immediate attention makes us realize that if we had planned our ‘earnings’ better using smart saving tips, we could have avoided the unnecessary panic.

 In today’s time where everything is becoming digitized, Digital banks like Mkobo Bank make it easier to save and plan for these unexpected and unplanned life events.

 Digital banking apps offer numerous benefits for salary earners and individuals who are interested in saving & spending their money efficiently.

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Why Save? Setting Goals for Financial Freedom With Smart Saving Tips

Before diving into saving tips, let's get clear on why saving is important.  Think of your savings as a safety net protecting you from unexpected events.  Here are some common goals to consider when creating your savings plan:

  • Emergency Fund: Build a buffer for medical emergencies, car repairs, or sudden job loss. Aim for 3-6 months of living expenses.

  • Major Purchases:  Saving for a dream vacation, a new car, or even a down payment on a house becomes achievable with consistent savings.

  • Education:  Investing in your education or your children's education is a wise use of savings.Digital apps for savings. Mkobo bank and Mkobo App

Let’s get you acquainted with some great pointers that will help you ‘save’ & ‘spend’ smartly:

  1. Set a Goal: Be very specific with your saving plan. Remember the 3 W’s; Where, Why and What.

  • WHERE you should focus when you decide to save. For eg, Medical Emergencies, Major Purchases, Education & most importantly Financial Freedom.
  • WHY is saving in those areas important? It’s important to save in those areas so you can fight the unexpected with ease. When you have smartly invested your funds it automatically saves you from panic.
  • WHAT will you benefit if you save in those specific divisions? This will make your job easy because you will know your priorities. Every month you can treat your savings contribution as a compulsory bill that you have to pay. This will allow you to be more practical, follow a discipline & will help you save better.
  1. Automate your Savings: Digital banks allow you to make your savings automatic. Every month when you receive your salary, a portion of your salary can be transferred from your salary account to your savings account. This allows you to build your savings without stressing about it every month. Some popular Digital banks in Nigeria offer a variety of attractive products & services such as lower fees or no fees models, quick loan approvals & smart investment options that will help minimize costs & maximize returns.

  1. Quick Transfers: Manage cash flow more effectively by using instant transfers found on apps such as the Mkobo App available on the IOS and Android store where you can move your funds to the savings account with a click of a button. The process is hassle-free & it saves you time and energy along with your money.

  1. Gain Cashback & Rewards: A lot of digital banks offer cashback or rewards on your purchases. These rewards are a ‘feel good factor’ & the cashback/rewards can be deposited directly into your savings account. This helps you save a little more while you enjoy all the benefits of the digital bank.

  1. Manage Interest Rates: We all know that commercial banks have an extremely high rate compared to a digital bank. A digital bank saves you from that because of their low overhead costs which allows your savings to grow at a faster rate. Digital banks often offer competitive interest rates on your savings.

  1. Track your Spending: Digital Banking Apps have some useful tools which will help you categorize your expenses. It also helps you to understand the difference between what is essential  & where you might be able to cut back to save more.

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 By following these smart savings tips and utilizing's innovative digital banking features and high-interest savings accounts, you'll be well on your way to achieving your financial goals.

Are you ready to take control of your finances, start saving smarter, and earn high interest?  Register with today to be the first to open our high-interest savings account once launched!

Remember, financial security brings peace of mind. is here to empower you on your financial journey!