Mkobo App: Your Pocket-Sized Bank for Easy Money Management

Online app for savings in Nigeria

Mkobo App: Your Pocket-Sized Bank for Easy Money Management

It’s 2024, a time when everything is moving at light speed. We literally live on our phones. As a matter of fact, it will be extremely difficult to even recall our lives before digitization. Digitization has made our lives easier, quicker & convenient.

Today, from the comfort of our homes, we can access basic necessities at the click of a button. Be it groceries, clothing or banking for easy money management, digitization has made everyone’s life significantly more convenient. For a regular Nigerian, who is caught in the daily grind & often working two hustles, it gets very challenging for them to manage their finances, pay bills, transfer money or even get a loan to meet the emergency.

To top it all most of the banks don’t have physical branches & the ones that do are usually overcrowded with long wait times. Even something as simple as opening a bank account comes with a whole lot of paperwork & documents which is overwhelming for many people. We all look for convenience, something that is quicker & gets the job done.

If today, you are bound by a deadline to repay your loan, return a colleague’s borrowed money, pay your electricity bills, or save a portion of your salary every month & your lifestyle doesn’t allow you to manage all this by going to the branch, all you need to do is, download Mkobo App to make your life stress free.You can easily set your goals & timelines or even automate them to meet your requirements. Mkobo is the go-to digital bank for your day-to-day financial management and digital Banking is like water in the dessert, a breath of fresh air, giving relief & saving time and energy collectively.

 Key Advantages of Digital Banks

  • Round the Clock Service: Digital banks & their various services are available 24/7. Imagine if you forgot to pay your electricity bill, you need not worry. Just open Mkobo's mobile banking app on IOS or Andriod, click on Pay Bills & clear your payments with ease. Online Banking Services in Nigeria have no restricted banking hours and therefore it allows you to perform your transactions anytime anywhere without any time constraint.

  • Bank Anytime, Anywhere: It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, all you need is a good internet connection & you are sorted. With the help of the Mkobo app you can manage your money, check account balances, transfer money; in short, eliminating your need to visit a physical bank which can be time & energy-consuming.

  • Security: We all want to save smartly but more so, securely. Trust is a very big factor; if you can trust the bank with your money, you’re safe. If someone misplaces their mobile, they should not be worried about their digital banking apps & the money they have in their account. Just like our emails & instant messaging apps, Mkobo's Digital banking app uses advanced security measures like encryption, two-factor authentication, secure sockets layer and is secured with biometric security, linking the app with fingerprint & facial recognition technology keeping your account safe. Mkobo's first & foremost priority is to keep your money safe.

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  • Quick & Easy: Digital Banks save your time by making everything faster. For eg, Yesterday I wanted to transfer a certain amount to a friend & the process could not be delayed as she was at a very busy local market & needed a quick transfer. I opened my Mkobo Online Banking App, entered her bank account details, the amount & clicked on send within seconds making money management easy, she received the money and was out and about. It was instant, convenient & hassle-free.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Mkobo’s Customer Service is smoother & more responsive. If you are stuck at any given time, customer service features such as 24/7 friendly customer support team, chatbot & detailed FAQs are available, making the whole banking experience pleasant and accessible for the users. For example, Femi, a 45 year old man, who recently got introduced to Digital Banking tried to upgrade his account to a higher Tier how ever he had an issue. Instead of getting worked up thinking that the issue might never get resolved, all he had to was follow simple instructions on the Online Banking App. He reached out to support via the app and described his issue & it was resolved by our friendly customer service agents. Femi is someone who has always visited a physical branch but the comfort of Digital Banking made him happy as he saved time and transport costs of visiting a branch.

Today, when we are looking for easier, simpler & faster ways, online banking apps are a blessing in disguise. It might look just like a regular app but the benefits that it provides are exceptional. Wherever you are, sitting at home, juggling another job, traveling on a business trip or nursing a relative in the hospital; it doesn’t make a difference as your digital bank goes with you wherever you go.

Mkobo gives every Nigerian the comfort they are looking for. Be it a simple transfer, airtime recharge, a minor repair of your vehicle or an emergency loan, Mkobo has something for everyone it is a virtually efficient Digital Bank.

Download the Mkobo App on IOS or Andriod & join thousands of other users in the Mkobo family to experience hassle-free Banking and easy money management including - money transfers, bill payment - airtime, data, electricity, cable tv,  earned wage access, savings etc.